"The Week Of" New York Premiere

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If you haven’t tuned into P-Valley yet, you’re missing out — on incredibly complex plot points, beautiful Black people in leading roles, and all the WAP you can handle.

In just six episodes, Shannon Thornton shines in her role as Keyshawn, who is more affectionately known in the Dirty Delta as Miss Mississippi. Shannon plays a new mom, who gets by on the money she makes stripping at The Pynk. Keyshawn is battling an intricate set of demons, as she continues to go back to the boyfriend who is physically abusing her, believing she’s got nothing going for herself other than the fact that she’s pretty. Keyshawn begins to rise in the strip club hierarchy when she has the chance to dance in an O.G’s place in front of a packed house. Going viral online, her standing begins to change a bit and she becomes more and more interested in maintaining and growing her following, despite what her abuser may think.

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We are truly interested to see how her character resolves some of the issues she is facing — and we hope we get much more of Keyshawn as a one-woman featured act at The Pynk. To celebrate ALL. THAT. WOMAN… we’ve gathered some of Shannon Thornton’s sexiest social media moments and a few fast facts.

My, my, my…

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