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Tyler Lepley has always been the kind of FOINE that seems too good to be true — and now we get to watch him work every week on Starz network’s latest hit series, P-Valley.

The drama-filled show follows the lives of strip club dancers working in the Mississippi Delta, with Tyler playing Diamond, the strip club security. His character really plays up his everyday assets, as Diamond is constantly yoking up disrespectful dudes that think they can spar with him. Clearly, viewers don’t mind seeing those muscles put to work — fans of the show are constantly gushing about how beautiful he is to look at.

To make matters all the more moist, his most recent interview sent panties flying into a deep, dark, bottomless abyss.

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When asked if he would go dutch on a date, like these new unlearned fellas like to do these days, old school Tyler seemed to not even know what “dutch” meant. Of course “dutch” means splitting the bill — which seemed to repulse the actor. Shaking his head profusely, he responded “Oh no, no, no, no…. not me.”  “I can’t spilt nothing,” he went on. “Call me old school if you want, but I’ma take care of her.”

Call us old-fashioned if you want, but he’s our kind of man. More of Tyler, if you keep scrolling.

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1. Shirtless.

2. & tatted, of course.

3. Very relatable.

4. In black and white.

5. Strong.

6. Entanglement-ready.

7. Rap dreams.

8. Quarantine-friendly.

9. Bossed up.

10. Gotta love him. Tune into ‘P-Valley’ every Sunday on Starz.

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