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Nearly 14 years later and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sherée Whitfield’s clothing line, She By Sherée has finally arrived. Only this time, she has been accused of stealing from fast fashion brands like Shein. Fans and her fellow RHOA co-stars share their reactions online.

It has been a long time coming for Sherée’s clothing line. It was released September 4, almost 14 years after she first announced the brand on the reality show. On RHOA’s first season in 2008, Whitfield made an unsuccessful attempt to host a fashion show, showcasing her new merchandise. Unfortunately, that did not go as planned.

Take a look:

As you probably noticed, Whitfield had an event without any samples of her new line.

Despite how it panned out back then, the reality TV star never gave up on her fashion dreams. Though Sherée is relentless in her pursuit to make She By Sherée fetch, maybe this just isn’t her lane as things are still not going as planned.

Whitfield’s RHOA co-star, Kandi Burruss chimed in on Twitter to share her thoughts about thelong-awaited She By Sherée drop, saying “That Spring, Summer, September finally came…#SheBySheree.”

Not sure if that was shade or support, but Burruss said what she said.

Fans are quickly discovering other versions of the same two-piece athleisure outfit that Whitfield is selling under her fashion line for a whopping $130 retail price. Social media users are happy to educate fans about the countless, less expensive dupe versions that can also be found online.

Here’s what fans are saying about Sherée’s latest release:

1. Shein by Sherée


2. Bring on the Fashion Police


3. She By Somebody Else


4. Yikes


5. Seriously, What Was The Reason?