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Mya stopped by the iOne Digital offices this week to talk all about her time filming Girls Cruise with Lil Kim. The docu-series follows the “Best of Me” singer, Kim, Chilli, comedian Pretty Vee, and more as they embark upon a much-needed, extremely lavish Caribbean vacation on the sea. Set to air on VH1, July 15, Mya told us we’re definitely going to learn a lot about who she is as a woman.

I also asked about the beginnings of her career and whether or not it had always been her intention to inspire as many women as she has. “When I think back, I remember feeling better about myself watching and listening to you. Were your music and career choices made with that intention in mind?” I asked.

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Here’s what she had to say…

“I think it’s just about your truth. My truth has always been, sort of, versatile. Never one-dimensional. It’s really those album cuts that were intentional, to speak on topics that might not have been single-worthy or as commercial… those moments where you don’t feel beautiful or confident, when you do have reserves about yourself and your identity, your sexuality as a woman in this particular world. Fans often tell me about the album cuts and how they impacted them, more so than the singles, because those were for presentation,” Mya explained, adding that her intention became more clear as she grew into her womanhood…

“To embrace every part of you, and not be ashamed of that or shy away from that has always been my truth — but you don’t figure it out until you’re later in your womanhood and adulthood. So, there’s a conscious decision in everything that I do now, more so, because I do have that freedom. Not having to focus on commerciality as much,” she adds.”

Check out some recent photos of one of our faves. She’s still the truth.