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On Tuesday, “The United Nations said it had received credible reports that forces loyal to the Syrian government were gunning down civilians trying to flee and killing residents in their homes,” The New York Times reports.

The UN estimated the civilian death toll for eastern capital city Aleppo has reached 82, only the latest killings in the brutal four-plus-year-long civil war between President Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces, which has left thousands displaced and started the worldwide refugee crisis.

Russian diplomat Vitaly Churkin said “the government had re-established control over the last areas of the city held by rebels. The announcement, if confirmed, brings to an end more than four years of vicious fighting,” the BBC reports.

Read some tweets from residents of Aleppo in the gallery above. Our prayers are with them.

1. Wow.

2. The chairman for the Syrian parliament in Aleppo speaks out.

3. #SaveAleppo.

4. Doomsday.

5. Devastating is an understatement.

6. Time to wake up, world.

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