Only three days into the new year and there’s already so much madness ensuing. Not only is Australia suffering from fatal bush fires, but Trump decided to basically declare a third World War after killing Iran’s General Soleimani. These issues may seem non-urgent now, but they will only grow bigger and cause other fears and […]

Heather Heyer, 32, was one of the peaceful protesters against the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Sadly, on August 12, 2017, she was killed by a Nazi who drove his car into a crowd. Nineteen people were injured and Heyer was pronounced dead at the nearby University of Virginia Hospital. Two Virginia state troopers responding […]

Read some tweets from residents of Aleppo in the gallery below. Our prayers are with them.

The former Victoria's Secret model recently expressed how uncomfortable she's become about the recent drama among the new crop of models.

ISIS killed 30-year-old Syrian activist and journalist Ruqia Hassan in September. To make it even more painful, the group hacked her Facebook account to trick her friends and colleagues into thinking she was still alive.


Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Thursday ordered the military to open all combat jobs to women.

United States forces have killed a senior Islamic State commander and captured his wife during a raid in Syria. NY Daily News reports: Defense Secretary Ash Carter identified the militant as Abu Sayyaf, who was in charge of oil fields — a key source of revenue for the terrorist group. No U.S. forces were killed […]

The “longest war in American history” has finally come to a close. The 13-year war in Afghanistan formally ended with a flag-lowering ceremony in Kabul on Sunday and a statement issued by President Barack Obama, who is currently on vacation with his family in Hawaii. “Thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our men and women […]

A Taliban attack on a Pakistani high school Tuesday left at least 126 people dead, according to Bahramand Khan, director of information for the regional Chief Minister’s Secretariat. Of the 126, most of those killed were children. A number of people were also injured in the attack, which included the taking of hundreds of students as […]

The U.S. continued airstrikes overnight after hitting Islamic State bases in Syria. According to The Guardian, U.S.-led air strikes battered the northern and eastern parts of Syria, as collation raids targeted oil facilities controlled by the terrorist group. Arab allies have helped with the strikes against ISIS – which is also known as ISIL in the provinces of […]

The U.S. continued to lead airstrikes against Islamic State (ISIS) militants on Thursday, targeting Syrian oil installations and killing nearly 20 people overnight. The airstrikes, which hit the militants’ main revenue stream, mark the third day of a U.S.-led air campaign meant to curb ISIS in Syria. Read about it here…[AP] The trial for accused Boston […]

The U.S. continued airstrikes targeted at Islamic State militants in Syria, launching five strikes early Wednesday. One of the airstrikes damaged eight vehicles linked to ISIS in Syria while the other four occurred in Iraq. To date, U.S. Central Command has conducted 198 airstrikes across Iraq and – along with partners – 20 airstrikes across Syria, […]