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Only three days into the new year and there’s already so much madness ensuing. Not only is Australia suffering from fatal bush fires, but Trump decided to basically declare a third World War after killing Iran’s General Soleimani.

These issues may seem non-urgent now, but they will only grow bigger and cause other fears and problems to manifest. Like worry about whether or not your brother, uncle or cousin will be drafted if the war does take place. And as for the Australia fires, scientists are saying that they burning is so extreme that it’s causing severe thunderstorms. But not the kind that brings rain — the kind that can spread the fires with lighting and wind.

The only way to cope with the constant attack on your personal peace is to dig deep within yourself for the tools to protect it.

Working with your chakras is a great way to do so. Experts say that doing Chakra work can have a positive effect on every area of your life, including career. Amber Lee Lyons, creator of Chakra Girl Business School told Bustle:

Every aspect of your career correlates to a different chakra. For example, the Sacral Chakra is where you creativity lives and your Third Eye Chakra is where intuition and clarity of mind exist. All the chakra energies are wildly important to your career and life, and doing the work to practice cultivating higher vibrations in your chakras amplifies your results, abundance, success, and happiness!

Answer these questions and we’ll let you know which chakra is blocked and how to heal it.

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