Iran is currently birthing one of the biggest women’s revolutions in history. Celebs like Yara Shahidi are educating us on what’s happening.

Only three days into the new year and there’s already so much madness ensuing. Not only is Australia suffering from fatal bush fires, but Trump decided to basically declare a third World War after killing Iran’s General Soleimani. These issues may seem non-urgent now, but they will only grow bigger and cause other fears and […]

Iran's cyberspace crimes unit is taking the matter seriously and warning users against indulging the entrepreneur and reality star on social media.

History has been made in Taiwan, as the people elected their first female president. Tsai Ing-wen won with 56% of the vote and has promised the people “a government that can lead this country into the next generation.” [TIME] After a deadly earthquake shook the country of Nepal nearly nine months ago, the government revealed plans of […]


Iranian coastal forces captured 10 U.S. crew members after the U.S. naval vessels strayed into the country's waters.


President Barack Obama on Tuesday praised a historic world power agreement with Iran that curbs the country's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, almost

A 26-year-old woman was hung on Saturday after being found guilty of murdering a man who allegedly tried to rape her during her teenage years. Reyhaneh Jabbari was escorted to the gallows of Tehrin Evin’s prison at dawn, her fate decided after she was unable to get a statement of blame from the victim’s family within […]

John Cantlie, a British reporter from The Sun and The Telegraph, is the latest journalist captured by militant group ISIS. A video of Cantile plugging ISIS has been circulating around the web. The propaganda video shows Cantile seated behind a desk, unlike the video of James Foley, who was on his knees. Cantile says that western […]

The disturbing new trend, the Knockout Game, may have spread fear across areas like Philadelphia, NYC and even Washington, but police in several cities where such attacks are being reported believe the game is nothing more than an “urban myth.” The game, where young people try to knock out a stranger with one blow, might […]

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about an Iran Nuclear Deal in the news. And you’re probably wondering what the heck it all means. I mean, there’s the bit about it being a historic agreement to roll back Iran’s nuclear developments, but what does it mean for the United States? So, if you are one […]

The EU and the United States may be content with reaching an Iran nuclear deal, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is throwing some fierce criticism this way, calling the deal a “historic mistake.” “What was concluded in Geneva last night is not a historic agreement, it’s a historic mistake,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told […]

Iran has agreed to freeze their nuclear program for six months, so long as world powers work to relieve some economic sanctions. Agreements have been made that the country will suspend their uranium enrichment and work towards a permanent solution as long as they receive relief. Iran has run into one economic crisis to the […]