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John Cantlie, a British reporter from The Sun and The Telegraph, is the latest journalist captured by militant group ISIS. A video of Cantile plugging ISIS has been circulating around the web. The propaganda video shows Cantile seated behind a desk, unlike the video of James Foley, who was on his knees. Cantile says that western media is slandering ISIS’ name and mission. “After two disastrous and hugely unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, why is it that our government appears so keen to get involved in yet another unwinnable conflict,'” he said. “There is time to change this seemingly inevitable sequence of events. But only if you, the public, act now.” [Huff Post

A group of young Iranians were sentenced to six months in prison and 91 lashes for posting a video of themselves dancing to Pharrell’s massive hit, “Happy.” The six individuals will receive their lashes during their time in prison. President Hassan Rouhani supported the group for their lighthearted video, but Tehran officials believed the video was “vulgar.” [Gawker]

The popular Whisper app left one man from Texas surrounded by a SWAT team and numerous guns pointed at him Thursday when he posted that he wanted to kill himself. The 33-year-old man posted live updates of the incident on the anonymous secret sharing app from his car and even talked to an employee from the app. During the 4-hour stand-off, the man says that he wanted the police to kill him to prove how ironic the whole situation was. After police threw tear gas by his car, the man surrendered. [Gawker

Remember the fake lesbian chicks from the band t.A.T.u? Well, one of them is against gay men but doesn’t have a problem with girls who kiss each other, because ignorance. Yulia Volkova says she would disown her son if she found out he was gay. She says that men cannot be gay because they’re supposed to be “manly.” [Jezebel]


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