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Iran has agreed to freeze their nuclear program for six months, so long as world powers work to relieve some economic sanctions.

Agreements have been made that the country will suspend their uranium enrichment and work towards a permanent solution as long as they receive relief.

Iran has run into one economic crisis to the next under the sanctions, and unemployment currently runs over 24%.

President Obama said in a speech yesterday:

“The first step that we have taken today marks the most significant and tangible progress that we have made with Iran since I took office.”

The Chicago Tribune stated:

Halting Iran’s most sensitive nuclear work, its higher-grade enrichment of uranium, it was tailored as a package of confidence-building steps towards reducing decades of tension and banish the specter of war over Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

Iranian Foreign Minister and chief negotiator Mohammad Javad Zarif says:

“This is only a first step. We need to start moving in the direction of restoring confidence, a direction which we have managed to move against in the past.”

The agreement is truly groundbreaking as any accord at all represents a monumental budge in a nearly 35-year tension marked by distrust, suspicion and open animosity between the United States and Iran.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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