Iranian coastal forces captured 10 U.S. crew members after the U.S. naval vessels strayed into the country's waters.

Boko Haram gunmen launched an attack Sunday on the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, engaging government troops in a fierce fight, officials say. “Our soldiers initially repelled the terrorists but they mobilized more fighters and came back in full force. They overwhelmed our troops and forced them to retreat,” said a Nigerian military officer, who asked not to […]


A horrific photo featuring a 7-year-old Australian boy posing with a severed head and the caption “That’s my boy” has been making its rounds on the internet. The photo was reportedly posted by Khaled Sharrouf, a convicted terrorist who fled Australia to join the Islamic State militants waging war in Syria and Iraq. Australian officials say the […]

Despite the US Federal Aviation Authority ban on flights to Tel Aviv airport, US Secretary of State John Kerry made his way to Israel on Wednesday in hopes of brokering a truce between Israel and Hamas forces. His arrival in Tel Aviv came a day after a Gaza rocket struck close to the airport. The conflict in Gaza, which […]

Taylor Swift recently put in a restraining order against a man named Timothy Sweet, who believes the 23-year-old pop singer is his wife. Sweet has reportedly been harassing Swift since 2011, claiming to “kill anyone that stands in his way.” The threats even go so far as to name the US Secretary of State, John […]

This is just painful to watch. During a visit to Congress to discuss the humanitarian crisis in the Congo, Oscar-winning actor Ben Affleck and Secretary of State John Kerry greeted each other in the most awkward of ways. A botched handshake. But we’re not even sure we can call it that. It was more like […]

Iran has agreed to freeze their nuclear program for six months, so long as world powers work to relieve some economic sanctions. Agreements have been made that the country will suspend their uranium enrichment and work towards a permanent solution as long as they receive relief. Iran has run into one economic crisis to the […]

A man caught taking pictures of Secretary of State John Kerry’s home was arrested on Sunday in Boston. According to Kerry’s spokesman, Glen Johnson, police found a pellet gun in the man’s vehicle and an open alcohol container. The politician, however, was not home at the time. He was visiting his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, […]

UPDATE: 3:45 PM EST: According to NBC, Teresa Heinz Kerry suffered a grand mal seizure that sent her to the hospital in critical condition. The origin is unknown. But according to reports, Heinz Kerry is getting better. The wife of Secretary of State John Kerry and heir to the ketchup company fortune was upgraded to […]

Hillary Rodham Clinton has formally resigned Friday as America’s Secretary of State, capping a four-year tenure where she shattered records for the number of countries visited. John Kerry was sworn in to replace her. VIDEO: “I Was Literally Inaugurated Four Days Ago!” Obama & Clinton Talk Election 2016 In Joint “60 Minutes” Interview! In a […]

There’s no debate here! LIST: SHOWDOWN! Who Would Make The Cooler President In 2016, Hillary Clinton Or Joe Biden?  John Kerry, the five-term U.S. Senator and Vietnam War veteran, faced little opposition at a Senate hearing on Thursday, suggesting that he will easily win the nomination for Secretary of State. President Barack Obama nominated Kerry last […]

President Barack Obama is set to nominate Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State, succeeding Hillary Clinton, according to a senior administration official. DETAILS: WOW! Susan Rice Pulls Out Of Secretary Of State Consideration  The nomination comes on the heels of Susan Rice’s announcement to pull herself out of the running for the position. Since then, […]