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A horrific photo featuring a 7-year-old Australian boy posing with a severed head and the caption “That’s my boy” has been making its rounds on the internet. The photo was reportedly posted by Khaled Sharrouf, a convicted terrorist who fled Australia to join the Islamic State militants waging war in Syria and Iraq. Australian officials say the photo is clear evidence of the real threat that ISIL represents. [HuffPost]

Following a nine-month investigation, Barney’s New York has agreed to pay $525,000 in cost, fees, and penalties to settle accusations that it singled out minority shoppers at its Madison Avenue location. The upscale retail brand is also planning to implement a host of reforms to better customers’ shopping experience. The investigation was sparked by complaints from two African-American patrons who were accused of stealing. In an agreement with the state following the incident, Barney’s pledged to hire an “independent anti-profiling consultant with expertise in the prevention of racial profiling in loss prevention and asset protection.” [NYT]

One of the teenagers convicted in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case, Ma’lik Richmond, is back on the football field just seven months after being released from his juvenile detention center. Richmond reportedly returned to the roster for his senior season Monday, and could even be seen practicing with the team. Richmond is still a registered sex offender, and will have to continue to register every six months for 20 years. [Jezebel]

A local McDonald’s in North Carolina took the happy out of “Happy Meal” when a customer found a swastika burned into her chicken sandwich. Charleigh Matice told reporters that when she opened the sandwich to add mayonnaise, she found the hate symbol imprinted on the inside of her bun. Matice returned to complain and was immediately refunded, while the employee was fired by the owner. [Gawker]

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