18-year-old Anna learned about this legal loophole after two detectives raped her and got off despite all evidence and logic.

Consent classes in Nairobi, Kenya could change the way we teach children about sexual assault.

UPDATE: 4 p.m. Rich Homie Quan has released an official statement regarding his rape lyric. “‘I Made It’ was never intended to be released. The song was not lyrically what I wanted to say and was not completed. Without my knowledge, there was a studio leak of the recording. I apologize that it’s out; and I have […]

Houston officials have made 850 DNA matches in the FBI’s nationwide database after clearing 6,600 rape kits that went untested for years, some of which were backlogged for nearly three decades. Following the matches, charges have been filed against 29 people. Six have been convicted since the testing began in 2013. The effort to clear the […]

What we’re about to show you won’t come as a surprise if you watch Fox News, especially if you caught any of these incidents that prove their hosts hate women (trust, it was painful to put this list together). And it won’t come as a surprise if you’ve kept up with conservative sweetheart and impetus for the […]

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of North Dakota found that one in three college men might rape a woman if they knew no one would find out. This would be a good time to save your comments about how women can prevent rapists from raping, especially if said comment has anything to […]

Following a Showbiz 411 report that Phylicia Rashad dismissed longtime friend Bill Cosby’s rape allegations by suggesting the women are orchestrating a plan to disgrace his legacy, the beloved television mom from The Cosby Show told ABC that she was misquoted. Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411, who ran into Rashad at a Selma movie luncheon, said the actress responded with […]

Phylicia Rashad — iconic actress, friend of Bill Cosby, and forever in our hearts as Claire Huxtable — broke her silence about the rape allegations the comedian she’s worked with for decades has been facing in recent months. And it’s not what you want to hear from a woman you’ve idolized for years. The highly respected […]

Among the think pieces and lists about how feminism won 2014, the thing consistently overlooked proves to also be the most infuriating. Feminism, while it has always outlined the shape of politics and culture throughout the years, isn’t new. Feminism didn’t just happen. It’s not a trend. It’s not suddenly “important” because of how mainstream it’s become in recent months. […]

America’s favorite sitcom father and alleged rapist, according to a handful of victims that have come forward, wasn’t always so shy about discussing his predatory behavior. Bill Cosby may have given NPR’s Scott Simon the silent treatment when asked about sexual assault allegations that have come to light in recent years, but a 1969 stand-up routine […]

One of two Brown University students has tested positive for a date-rape drug after drinking punch at a fraternity party in October. The students first reported rapid intoxication followed by memory loss after having the punch at the party. One student also reported being sexually assaulted. The results of the test to detect the odorless […]

Two Bronx teenagers, ages 13 and 14, have been charged with raping and sodomizing two sixth-grade girls in the school auditorium. Now the girls, who were assaulted at the Urban Science Academy on Oct. 16, may have to come face-to-face with their attackers, according to the NY Daily News. On Monday morning, the girls may have to sit […]