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Taina Williams is handling her new mom status in the most beautiful way and we love to see it.

Many celebrities and socialites have unfortunately felt pressured to photoshop their post-baby appearance (or stay offline until they lose the baby weight altogether). Taina, however, is taking pride in the miracle that is giving birth, as she continues to share her snapback journey with her Instagram following. If you let social media tell it, a woman’s body goes back to normal the moment she delivers. Even though that may be the case for some women, it’s definitely not the case for everyone.

Keeping it 100, Taina wowed her followers when she posted a real photo of her progress two days after giving birth. In the pic, her adorable baby bump is on full display, as she cradles Baby Essex and boyfriend/baby father G. Herbo gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Since then, she’s continued to show off her mom bod and post her new family. It’s been a breath of fresh air to see some realness on the timeline, not to mention Taina and Herbo’s son is extra cute. Just look at those dimples:

Below we are celebrating Taina and wishing her family (who, by the way, trended over the weekend) nothing but the best! Keep scrolling for more photos of her living her best new mom life and stay tuned as we continue to update the post when she posts more adorable content.

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1. Mama Bear and her cub.

2. Embracing her new BAWDY.

3. Twinsies!

4. One month postpartum.

5. May God continue to bless their family!

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