1. Why, hello, Iggy!

2. Wait. Hello, Iggy and Ms. Lopez!

3. We see the two of you have met already.

4. Hey, Ms. Lopez, mind if we get a better look at you?

5. Beautiful.

6. Now you, Iggy.

7. Very nice :-)

8. Now let’s get back to Ms. Lopez.

9. Who, at the age of 45, still looks stunning.

10. Every. Single. Part. Of. Her.

11. Like…

12. …just look at how she works a room.

13. While J.Lo and Iggy look great, we need to focus on what’s really important in this video.

14. That would be the booty.

15. We love J.Lo beacuse she doesn’t mind teasing the booty.

16. In fact, she does plenty of teasing in the “Booty” video…

17. …before she just…

18. …whips it out.

19. BAM.

20. Ah, look, Iggy is back.

21. They make quite the couple, don’t they?

22. Even though we gotta say…

23. …J.Lo seems WAY more committed to this video.

24. Like…

25. …very…

26. …Very…

27. …VERY…

28. …committed.

29. Iggy isn’t here busting it open like J.Lo is.

30. Even though she lends a hand whenever she can.

31. So, much respect to the true ass queen: Jennifer muthafuckin’ Lopez.

32. Fin.

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