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2. Cassie, Diddy, and more hang out in Ibiza for Riccardo Tisci’s birthday!

3. Kim and Kendall hang out with other beautiful ladies in Ibiza

4. Naomi Campbell hangs out with Riccardo Tisci

5. Justin Bieber shows off his Ibiza ensemble

6. Diddy cozies up with Kate Moss

7. Kim hangs out with Riccardo and Naomi Campbell

8. Kim takes a picture with her BFF Ciara

9. Ciara and Naomi Campbell hang out in Ibiza

10. Ciara gives Riccardo Tisci some kisses

11. Justin Bieber and Khalil get ready for the night

12. Riccardo Tisci takes a group shot for his bday

13. Kim Kardashian laughs it up with Paris Hilton

14. Kim hangs out with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

15. Kim arrives in LAX in style

16. Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian arrive at LAX

17. Kanye talks on the phone while arriving in LAX

18. Cassie shows off her Ibiza ensemble

19. Diddy poses up Cassie and Kanye at Riccardo Tisci’s birthday in Ibiza

20. Diddy poses up KimYe, Naomi Campbelle, Cassie, and more in Ibiza

21. KimYe and Kris head to Riccardo’s birthday bash

22. Kim, Kanye, and Justin pose it up together

23. Kim captioned this “Side chicks be like…”

24. Riccardo poses with lovely ladies Kendall, Kris, and Kim

25. Justin poses with Kris Jenner and jokes at Kendall and Kylie

26. The Kardashian ladies dressed to impress!

27. Ciara poses with birthday boy Riccardo!

28. Kendall Jenner fake kisses on Justin Bieber’s neck

29. Justin captioned this KimYe pic: “but the vision is clear”

30. Riccardo poses with Justin, Kim, Kendall, and Kris

31. Kendall Jenner cozies up with a friend at the party

32. Kendall Jenner poses with the boys!

33. Kendall Jenner gets some kisses from Justin and Khalil

34. Ciara gives the birthday boy some kisses!

35. Kendall Jenner shows off her flawless makeup job

36. KimYe and Kris head to Riccardo’s birthday bash

37. KimYe and Kris head to Riccardo’s birthday bash

38. Kendall Jenner shows off her makeup job

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