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1. The Miami Heat is all smiles with President Obama during their second trip to the White House.

2. Shoot the J, Mr. President!

obama the miami heat

3. Wonder what these two were laughing at?

4. Ray Allen holds a special jersey for the President, perfectly labeled POTUS.

5. Obama addresses reporters during The Miami Heat’s trip to The White House.

6. King James and President Obama shake hands during the event.

7. Chris Bosh hands POTUS a basketball with the signatures of the team at The Heat’s visit to the White House.

8. Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has a moment with President Obama.

9. Gabrielle Union shares a pic with her fiance Dwyane Wade at the White House.

10. Basketball wives strike a pose at the White House.

11. Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne Bosh shares with her followers her second trip to the White House.

12. The Boshes are just too cute! Adrienne shares a pic of her hubby and gal pal Gabrielle Union at the White House.

13. “Never. Gets. Old. … AND our President asked me about #beingmaryjane !!!! Told him was on tonight at 10!! Lol” Gabby captioned for her trip with the Miami Heat to the White House.

14. LeBron James takes the time out of his visit to talk to a fan. “Had to step away from the pack and chat with him. Great meeting u kid! #GladICanBeARoleModelToYou #StriveForGreatness” he wrote on Instagram.

15. The fellas clean up nice! The Miami Heat strike a pose before meeting with President Obama at the White House.

16. LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade chill out before meeting with President Obama.

17. Gabby makes the perfect photobomb at the White House with the Miami Heat.

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