1. A Winner

Twelve-and-a-half-year-old chocolate lab Bunker has been fighting malignant melanoma and is healing from the loss of his left eye. This photo was taken the day his oncologist told him he won. Bunker is pushing for Anthony to stay strong.

2. Support System

photo doggies for anthony

Meet 15-year-old Abby and her loving golden retriever Arlip. She is just finishing treatment for brain cancer – and it looks like they got it. They send their prayers to Anthony.

3. Stay Strong

This is 14-year-old Valeska. She only has 3 legs and is a cancer survivor. If she can fight through it, she knows Anthony can too.

4. Sticking Together

K9 Quincy & his lil brother Sniper are handcuffed together because they’re attached at the heart. Quincy is fighting cancer and just finished radiation. He will be starting chemotherapy in a few weeks. They are rooting for Anthony!

5. So Sad :(

Penelope’s parents shared this photo with Anthony. She has recently passed away due to stage IV Neuroblastoma. Penelope went blind because of one of her tumors and her puppy was one thing that made her happy.

6. A Girl’s Best Friend

Courtany & Bentley send their prayers to Anthony from Florida. Courtany is also going through chemotherapy for leukemia & Bentley keeps a smile on her face.

7. Spreading Smiles

Angel is a deaf and visually impaired Aussie from Michigan. She is enrolled in classes in hopes of getting her good canine certification so she can visit special friends.

8. Moral Support

This is Brianna and her puppy Koda. Brianna has cancer and the highlight of her hospital days are when she gets visits from dogs. She is kicking cancer’s butt & sends prayers for Anthony to do the same.

9. Best Buds

Josh and Gracie served in Afghanistan together. He has since adopted her & they continue to live their lives side-by-side. They are Team Anthony.

10. We Can Do It

Gunnar was hit by a truck, leaving him paralyzed. He is recovering slowly but surely, & has learned to stand again. He hopes to inspire Anthony to stay strong.

11. Faith In Humanity

Danny may not have a dog, but he wants to put a smile on Anthony’s face. So he dressed up as dog…And we’re loving it.

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