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In addition to fighting back against ongoing racism and police violence aimed at the Black community, we’re still dealing with a pandemic right now that has countless sick and out of work.

As the nation forces a reopening of the country, many are still isolating to help #flattenthecurve, including some of the most famous names in the world. As we all know, quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic changed life in some pretty huge ways. But also, simple matters like grooming aren’t so simple anymore.

With hair salons, nail salons, spas, and barbershops closed for quite some time, us regular folk are definitely looking different. But the same can be said of celebrities, whose staffs have also been under quarantine.

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We already highlighted those celebs whom we had no idea were going gray and now we’re taking an overall glance at celebs whose looks have changed, period. Whether they’re going gray, growing their beards out, embracing their au naturel tresses, or otherwise.

Some are still recognizable, while others you wouldn’t recognize if they walked up to you on the street and introduced themselves. Keep scrolling for our list below (which we’ll continue to update) and let us know how your look has evolved since social distancing.

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1. John Legend joined #BeardGang.

2. ‘Sex and The City’ star Chris Noth shaved his head.

3. Gabrielle Union letting her natural curls flourish.

4. Jim Carrey’s facial hair growing at speedy rates.

5. Grant Gustin ditches his usual clean face look.

6. Ali Wong is that you?

7. Bakari Sellers looking good as he lets his locks and beard grow out.

8. Terrence J and what looks like the beginnings of a quarantine beard.

9. DJ Khaled, is that you?

10. Diddy completely transformed.

11. Sterling K. Brown going gray.

12. Seth Rogen, is that you?

13. Carmelo letting his facial hair flourish.

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