The Daily Grind Video

1. Diddy throws J.Lo a surprise birthday bash.

2. Diddy wraps his arms around his girl as the surprise birthday bash fun begins.

3. That J.Lo & Diddy back in ’99 at the VMAs.

4. J.Lo cuddles in close for a pic with her man at the MTV VMAs.

5. Jennifer & Sean dine at the Ivy restaurant.

6. Jennifer Lopez & Sean “Puffy” Combs hit the 42nd Annual Grammys together.

7. Jennifer Lopez & Sean “Puffy” Combs do it up at the 42nd Annual Grammys.

8. Jennifer Lopez & Sean “Puffy” Combs were the perfect couple at the 42nd Annual Grammys.

9. J.Lo & Diddy made an appearance for a special edition of “TRL.”

10. Diddy and J.Lo cuddle in close for the 1st Annual Latin Grammys.

11. J.Lo & Diddy get live while walking hand-in-hand.

12. J.Lo & Diddy were picture perfect back in the day.

13. Diddy doesn’t look like he can handle all that woman.

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