1. Vin Diesel gives us the gun show on the red carpet.

2. Sexy muscle tees were Vin’s specialty.

3. That and muscle-fitting long sleeves.

4. He also makes his cheesy smile sexy somehow.

5. In this throwback to the 2002 MTV Movie Awards red carpet, Vin and the late Paul Walker were definitely crush-worthy.

6. Just check out that stare.

7. Okay, okay. Vin Diesel in a suit.

8. Still giving his usual red carpet face, but all cleaned up.

9. A throwback to the film that started it all, Vin’s character Dom was the ultimate sexy bad boy.

10. Vin shared this sexy shirtless pic on Instagram from the XXX movie.

11. Doesn’t get any sexier than Vin on a motorcycle.

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