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TikTok creators are having a blast with this new viral trend inspired by Gunna’s 2018 COLORS performance. Rappers like Latto and Fredo Bang are joining in on the fun for their own renditions.

Gunna performed his hit “Top Off” during his COLORS performance a few years back, and for some reason, people are recreating that moment with his song plus countless other hits.

Creators use any objects, from bottles of Casamigos to crab legs, as hanging microphones to rap their favorite lyrics. Meanwhile, their friends are gathered around capturing the moment with bright, flashing lights on their cellphones.

The trend continues as it grows on TikTok. It’s sparked another equally hilarious spin-off trend, where creators still use random objects as mics and have their friends hype them up. This time they’re using other artists’ songs, channeling their inner rap star. Actress Storm Reid channels her inner Tee Grizzley on “First Day Out” as she raps into a bottle of Raid spray.

Creator @qteezy_vibez taps into his inner Lil Kim as he performs her memorable “Quiet Storm Remix” with Kim’s iconic moves, rapping her legendary verse into an empty bottle of tequila. Another TikTok creator, @onlyvxali, channels Rick Ross as she raps his “Hello Good Morning” verse into a bottle of Hennessy. The Hennessy microphone seems to be a fan favorite. Check out creator @jadaorion on her Lil Murda vibe as she raps the popular P-Valley anthem “Mississippi Pride.” Of course, the Barbz are always in full force. Creator @thedixonss effortlessly raps Nicki Minaj’s famous “5 Star” verse into a teabag.

The list goes on and on. Would you try this viral trend?

Take a look at some of our favorite viral videos from this trend below:

1. Storm Reid

Source:Storm Reid

Go off S. Grizzley! 

2. Lil Teezy


Shine a light on ’em! 

3. Not the Teabag


The girls are so innovative! 

4. Ricky Rozay


It’s the support for us! 

5. J Murda


Down in the valley! 

6. Latto with the Top Off


Latto showed love to the original trend. 

7. This Dorito Is Absurd


People are hilarious.