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1. Tyrese Gibson

Rev Run And Tyrese Gibson Sign Copies Of Their Book 'Manology: Secrets of a Man's Mind Revealed' Source:Getty

Tyrese had a thriving movie career, a new number one R&B album and a new wife last year. But his constant condemning of (Black) women and his bizarre breakdown about his daughter Shayla left folks scratching their head.
We haven’t heard much from Black Ty since then.

2. Lil Kim

Angel Brinks Fashion 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Source:Getty

Kim was everyone’s favorite female emcee for years. Now we can barely recognize her ever changing physical appearance. Still love her though.

3. Teiarra Mari

Rihanna & Teiarra Mari Source:Getty

Teiarra Mari is still around, as a Love & Hip Hop star. But she was suppose to be bigger than Rihanna when Jay-Z first signed her to The Roc. We all know how that turned out.

4. Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj diesel anti-bullying Source:Getty

If we’re gonna talk about Kim’s fall from grace, we have to acknowledge the Barbie elephant in the room. Everyone who’s anyone realizes that Nicki is going through some changes right now and is not at all the star she use to be. Folks use to get excited to see what Minaj would wear or what she had to say — but now not so much.

5. Kenyon Martin

Oklahoma City Thunder v Denver Nuggets - Game Four Source:Getty

Ladies loved K. Mart a few years back. The Basketball star was linked to everyone from Trina to Draya Michele. He was the first overall pick in the 2000 NBA Draft, buts since retiring in 2015 — Kenyon hasn’t been in the spotlight to much. Nowadays, his son Kenyon Jr. is the star of the family.

6. Raven Symone

NYC Dance Alliance Foundation's 'Bright Lights Shining Stars' Gala Source:Getty

Raven Symone was a role model for lots of young millennial girls with her show That’s So Raven, and her role in The Cheetah Girls franchise. But after her stint on The View, denying that she was Black and saying other off the wall offensive things about the culture, Raven just hasn’t had the same effect on people.

7. Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson

Athletes And YouTube Stars Team For DOOM Videogame Tournament Source:Getty

Ochocinco was one of the biggest athletes of the decade at one point in his career. Then he married Evelyn Lozada, was arrested for domestic abuse and it all went downhill from there.

8. Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash at the 14th Annual Lupus LA Orange Ball Source:WireImage/Getty

Stacey Dash went from being the fine Black girl on Clueless, to actually being clueless and ignorant in real life. After siding with Trump and other republican ideals, now her name is synonymous with koonery and buffoonery.

9. Wesley Snipes

'CHI-RAQ' New York Premiere Source:Getty

Wesley use to be THAT BOY in movies, regardless of the film’s genre. But after some issues with the IRS, Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison for willful failure to file federal income tax returns. He’s been in films like Chiraq since then, but he may never match the success of Blade ever again.

10. Terrell Owens

GQ, Lacoste And Patron Tequila Celebrate The Super Bowl In Indianapolis Source:Getty

People loved T.O’s cocky, confident attitude, until it came back to bite him in the tight end. People have criticized Owens as being a horrible teammate, and team owners claim he was a “divisive force”. After a knee injury and surgery in 2012, Owens wanted to get back in the League, but not one NFL team would sign him.

11. Aaron Hernandez

Double Murder Trial Of Former Patriots Player Aaron Hernandez Source:Getty

Aaron started out as one of the most sought after All American athletes the NFL has ever seen. We all know how this tragic story ended. Rest In Peace to Aaron Hernandez.

12. Marques Houston

Karrueche Tran And Quincy Brown Host Smile Train YLC Los Angeles Benefit At Sofitel Beverly Hills Source:Getty

MH was one of the biggest stars in the 90’s and early 2000’s thanks to his role on Sister, Sister, being the lead singer of Immature, and lots of other movie roles. But these days, Marques is a devout Jehovah’s Witness and is only interested in making religious films.

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