The former All Star says trolls went too far by attacking his son in response to jokes that Lin wanted to be Black.

Linsanity had the perfect clapback to Martin's IG posts mocking his locks.

Last night the Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets. But after the game we weren’t talking about X’s and O’s! People we more concerned about the crazed woman who ran on the court during the game.  Savannah McMillan-Christmas of Denver, stumbled onto the court as the Nuggets brought the ball up court. Officials stopped play and […]

Actress Raven Symone has lost so much weight these past couple of months and she looks absolutely amazing! With her new weight loss transformation, it’s come to GlobalGrind’s attention that Raven is looking very similar to Nicole Richie these days.  PHOTOS: Raven Symone Shows Off Her Kittens On The Catwalk GlobalGrind posted this side-by-side photo […]

DPS Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb. (via DFP) The Michigan Department of Education gave Detroit Public Schools deadlines this month for moving forward with a deficit-elimination plan. The plan calls for closing 70 schools by 2013, increasing high school class sizes to more than 60 students, and outsourcing and consolidating services with the city and […]


RE:FORM School is a new art initiative that brings color and creativity to a recently closed school in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City. The initiative is composed of a pop-up art exhibition, event series and public awareness campaign supporting, a site that strives to bring together the creative arts and American public […]


Mark Zuckerberg just friended the city of Newark, New Jersey and it only cost him $100 million bucks. Turns out the FACEBOOK founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will donate $100 million to help Newark public schools, according to the Wall Street Journal. According to the Journal; Mr. Zuckerberg is setting up a foundation with $100 million of […]


By Russell SimmonsI just had a very blissful experience. Last Thursday, I meditated with 150 students at the Ideal Academy Public Charter School (K-12) in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. I experienced silence—not just an absence of outer noise—but a deep “inner silence” that activates the brain, solves problems, awakens self-confidence, removes stress, and […]


by Russell Simmons President Obama, over the weekend in his weekly address, outlined his plans to overhaul our education system and his reforms of The No Child Left Behind Act.  I am encouraged that this is the next part of his agenda that he will focus on, as a quality and affordable education is something […]


“Teen drinking may cause irreversible brain damage: A recent study by neuroscientist Susan Tapert of the University of California, San Diego, compared the brain scans of teens who drink heavily with the scans of teens who don’t. Tapert’s team found damaged nerve tissue in the brains of the teens who drank. The researchers believe this […]