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Last night the Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets. But after the game we weren’t talking about X’s and O’s! People we more concerned about the crazed woman who ran on the court during the game. 

Savannah McMillan-Christmas of Denver, stumbled onto the court as the Nuggets brought the ball up court. Officials stopped play and then McMillan-Christmas was escorted away by security.

CBS News reports:

Denver police Det. Todd Erickson, said he was at his post near the Denver bench when he spotted McMillan-Christmas stepping onto the floor near mid-court in front of startled Nuggets guard Andre Miller.

“I happened to see her walk on to the court and I thought, ‘Uh, oh,'” Erickson said.

He hustled over to her and, with other security personnel, told her she had to go back to her seat.

She responded by asking, “Where’s Kenyon?” an apparent reference to former Nuggets player Kenyon Martin.

Looks like this chick is a little loony! Kenyon, aka rapper Trina’s ex-boyfriend, is now playing for the Los Angeles Clippers. We gots to do better!