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Former NBA all star Kenyon Martin tried to get off some Instagram jokes at the expense of Jeremey Lin‘s new locks, but Lin flipped the script on K-Mart in the nicest way possible.

“I’m confused, puzzled, in shock, disappointed in his teammates and the Nets organization for allowing this foolishness,” typed Martin under a photo of Lin’s mohawked locks.

SLAM reports:

“Do I need to remind this damn boy that his last name is Lin. Like, come on man. Let’s stop this man, with these people,” Martin said in an Instagram video that has since been removed. “Like, there’s no way possible he would’ve made it on one of our teams with that bulls–t going on on his head.

“Come on, man. Somebody really need to tell him, like, ‘Alright bro, we get it. You want to be black.’ Like, we get it. But the last name is Lin, alright?”

The Brooklyn Nets guard replied, “It’s all good you don’t have to like my hair and definitely entitled to your opinion… At the end of the day I appreciate that I have dreads and you have Chinese tattoos (because) I think it’s a sign of respect.”

Lin continued, “I think as minorities, the more we appreciate each other’s cultures, the more we influence mainstream society.”

Kill ’em with kindness.