The Tweets want to know how they can add “perching” to their foreplay book.

It’s pretty evident that the White House is on a downward spiral that’s going down fairly quickly. Being unprepared in interviews has sort of been their forte since 45 became Chief Of Staff. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos kept their reputation of being unready up to par when she sat down for an interview with […]

The closer President Obama gets to ending his eight-year presidency, the more honest and confident he appears in interviews. After all, what’s he got to lose? In an interview with 60 Minutes, the POTUS was asked if he thought he could win a third term if he was allowed to run again, to which he […]

Bob Simon, a veteran correspondent on the CBS show 60 Minutes has passed away after getting into a fatal car crash on the West Side Highway in NYC. According to the NY Post, Simon was riding in the Lincoln Town Car, when the driver crashed into a Mercedes on the highway, leading them to lose control, […]