Chris Bosh recently got married to Adrienne Williams and the newlyweds were spotted strolling through France during their honeymoon. The Miami Heat forward was snapping pictures and taking in the beauty that is France. Bosh was greeted by fans, but he and his wife still managed to have an amazing and relaxing time. He tweeted, “I’ve ran […]

Miami life is sweet indeed! Chris Bosh and his new wife Adrienne Williams got married in front of all his teammates during a big shindig at the Fountaine Bleu in Miami. PHOTOS: Chris And Adrienne’s Wedding Extravaganza Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union were on hand, along with LeBron James and the rest of the Miami […]


    Welcome back to the FastLife!!! Bragg here with you…(or as @JasminFranjul called me this week “Bills” which made me laugh…never heard that one before). So it looks like quite a few people checked out my blog last week about “Making It Happen.” In reading all the comments and tweets, many of you will […]

I must say that I feel sorry for Tameka Foster, I honestly feel like she loves her husband, and this private, personal and very embarrassing moment is something that most people get to handle in private and there is no way she’ll be able to have any privacy in her divorce. As a blogger I […]