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I must say that I feel sorry for Tameka Foster, I honestly feel like she loves her husband, and this private, personal and very embarrassing moment is something that most people get to handle in private and there is no way she’ll be able to have any privacy in her divorce. As a blogger I am obligated to post this, but again I do so with a heavy heart. I know most people didn’t like her, and they hated her being married to Usher, but at one time they loved each other. All I can say it’s keep your head up Tameka, and may you and Usher both find happiness. 


It also brings me to ask is this the end of the hip hop marriage? A few years ago it seemed like celebs were getting married every day. Take a look at the gossip section and we are starved for the next big urban entertainment couple. We feed of break ups, cheating, and adultery. Yet we either hate or cheer a new celeb love. 

With Nas + Kelis, Usher and Tameka, Rihanna and Chris Brown, I can only think that we are at the end of Celebrity couples being the IT thing to do.


What do you think?