How you feel says it all. Axe couldn’t have said it better. The well-known men’s body spray brand is undergoing a bit of rebranding and ditching the very sexual advertisements for a much tamer marketing scheme. In the ad shown above, the brand is marketing their new White Label as a self-confidence booster. Despite the major difference […]

  Here’s another instance of the fashion world treating skin color like an accessory. Earlier this year, Dolce & Gabbana was slammed for walking a pair of “Mammy earrings” that romanticized slavery down their Spring runway.  PHOTOS: Hold Up! Did Dolce & Gabbana Walk Racist Earrings Down Their Runway?! Now another company called Illamasqua Australia is […]

Every fall we spot a ton of back-to-school advertising, sales and special promotions. Usually it’s for your average department store or boutique, but for this year’s season, DSquared decided to follow suit with the school trend.  Their Fall 2012 advertising campaign is set in a classroom with all of the students wearing DSquared. How chic! PHOTOS: LEAKED: […]

Chloe Sevigny is the new face of Miu Miu – yet again! 16 years ago, when Chloe was being hailed as young Hollywood’s new “it” girl, she was called upon by Miu Miu to be the face of their brand for a season.  The collection and Juergen Teller-photographed advertisement were perfect for the time, but since then […]

A company that never shies away from controversy, American Apparel has found a new way to stir the pot other than using young hot things to model their clothing in provocative poses.  Instead, they used an old one. PHOTOS: David Becks Gets Lifted & Racy American Apparel Ads Get Banned The latest model for American […]

The latest ad campaign for the upcoming Harvey Nichols sale has been deemed too “controversial,” but we have to agree that it’s clever and quite funny!  The ads that read “The Harvey Nichols sale: try to contain your excitement,” feature some very stern looking models who have literally urinated on themselves over excitement from the […]


**UPDATE** In a Thursday afternoon phone call the President took time out to express his feelings to Ms. Shirley Sherrod. ‘The president told Ms. Sherrod that this misfortune can present an opportunity for her to continue her hard work on behalf of those in need,’ the White House said in a statement about a phone […]

OUT Magazine sat down with Christina Aguilera and discussed her fourth album, Bionic, one of  the biggest albums this summer. The conversation took a turn when they started to discuss Lady Gaga. Everybody knows that Gaga has taken over the pop game on a different level than everybody else, she has woven her way into […]

Chris Brown has been through hell over the past year. His every move has been under a magnifying glass and picked apart by bloggers and fans a like. I must admit I’ve been guilty of this as well. I don’t think I’ve ever judged Chris Brown though, I know what Chris Brown is going through, […]

Tiger Woods has emerged from seclusion.  After the golf star was spotted jogging, playing golf with friends and leaving his Florida home with wife Elin, he appeared this morning in front of the media, for his first public statement since the Thanksgiving episode.  His beautiful wife, Elin, was not by his side, and he stood at […]


<p>Waka Flocka Flames Speaks on the recent shooting that left him injured.</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;A day after Lloyd Banks was released from Canada for allegedly assaulting concert promoter Chris Hines, the victim has spoken to The Toronto Star about what exactly happened last Friday night (January at Brandfort&rsquo;s Club NV. According to Hines, the night started off on a bad note. Firstly, the Queens-bred MC started his set off […]