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A company that never shies away from controversy, American Apparel has found a new way to stir the pot other than using young hot things to model their clothing in provocative poses. 

Instead, they used an old one.

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The latest model for American Apparel is unlike any they have used before; she is a senior citizen. Although we don’t know much about her, Jacky is without a doubt the oldest model we’ve seen in awhile.

Jacky was discovered on the streets of New York and the AA ads are the first time she’s ever modeled. Although her exact age is unknown, Jacky is American Apparel’s new “Advanced” model.  We guess that’s the politically correct way of saying old, but Jacky still looks pretty cool.

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For the most part, the ads are actually pretty conservative with the exception of the crotch shot.

You can check out a few of the photos from the Advanced Basics collection featuring American Apparel’s “advanced” model, Jacky, in the gallery above.

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