American Apparel has launched the "Make America Gay Again" campaign in honor of Pride Month.

American Apparel has finally reached the height of its downward spiral. After reporting significant losses, the retailer has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, GQ reports. This comes after a shake-up in the company that included the firing of CEO Dov Charney amid sexual harassment allegations, as well as significant lay-offs and store closings. Back in August, AA […]

Shout out to @PhotogenicsLA for sending this sick email about AA models. Go fuck yourselves — Jessie Andrews (@jessieslife) March 23, 2015 American Apparel is under fire – again. This time, the controversial brand is facing backlash over a leaked casting call that made its rounds on the internet. The email, reportedly sent from […]

So, Dov Charney, the CEO of American Apparel, was recently fired, and it had nothing to do with the multi-million dollar company not hitting the mark in the sales department. The company is known for its scandalous advertisements and eccentric styles for men and women, but the only scandal getting people today is involving Charney. […]

If American Apparel has foresight as good as their production values, the days of waxing from the rooter to the tooter may be behind us. The clothing company, known for their racy ads and American-made clothing, decided to keep their mannequins warm in the nether regions while they’re modeling Valentine’s Day lingerie. The Gothamist spotted […]

If there was ever a time for the confused face emoji in blog posts, it would be now. In typical American Apparel fashion, the brand has once again found an “artistic” way to get the masses chatting by pushing the envelope to new bounds with their latest collection.  The piece in question: “The Period Power […]

Even though this is all new new, for American Apparel it’s the same old song. The powers that be are not happy with the fact that AA uses semi-nude models, and they’ve already had a few advertisements banned because of models who appear to be under 16.  PHOTOS: David Becks Gets Lifted & Racy American […]

A company that never shies away from controversy, American Apparel has found a new way to stir the pot other than using young hot things to model their clothing in provocative poses.  Instead, they used an old one. PHOTOS: David Becks Gets Lifted & Racy American Apparel Ads Get Banned The latest model for American […]


Foxy Brown recently dropped a new track with Ron Browz called ‘Ride Ya Bike.’ The song has been making its rounds on the ‘net, and now actual footage of Browz and Brown in the studio has surfaced. Check out the clip where Foxy Brown talks about how her and Ron linked up, how everything on […]


Here’s the end result of the Ether Boy and Ill Nana’s recent collaboration. After one listen, we’d rather take the bus.( Young Simmons- ‘Im not trying to hate but I think it’s to late for Foxy & it is definitely to late for autotune. If this was last year this would be a hit record. […]


<p>Harlem’s own Ron Browz is going hard. Take a listen to his new track, "Undress You."</p>