Lei Lei is the Chinese tot that is making headlines across the globe, the chunky 10 month old has the equivalent weight of a 6 year old child. What are his parents doing to curb his weight? How can the parents of young Lei Lei raise him if he is over weight. They say America has a […]


It seems like everyone’s favorite Dream Girl, powerhouse singer Jennifer Hudson, is still in a dream state over her recent dramatic weightloss. The face of the new ‘Weight Watchers’ diet plan did an interview with Michigan Avenue magazine, which is based out of her hometown of Chicago, Illinois, telling them about her recent experiences with […]


Whenever you set a goal and accomplish it, it is always a proud moment, especially when that goal deals with losing weight. Jennifer Hudson has done just that! In this past year Jennifer Hudson has gone from a size 16 to a size 6, but the singer and Oscar-winning actress says this is as far […]

Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss is on everybody’s minds. Since the Kardashian sisters have taken over pop culture, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a hit and their faces are seen on every type of entertainment blog, Khloe has been labeled the “funny, fat one” out of the three. Khloe has struggled with her weight for […]


Gisele  Bundchen baby weight has definitely left her and good riddance. The super model debuted her post baby body in a new campaign for a spread in Vogue and the skin care line Sejaa. Gisele Bundchen welcomed her son, Benjamin Brady, last December, and it seems that it didn’t take her long for her to […]

50 Cent has had the media and fans alike going crazy over recent pictures he posted of himself 50+ pounds skinnier than what everyone is used to seeing. The reason for the weight loss comes as the rapper turned entrepreneur started filming a role as a cancer patient for ‘Things Fall Apart.’ He is playing […]

50 Cent is in the latest issue of US Magazine looking rather frail for his new movie w/ Ray Liotta called Things Fall Apart. The rapper who has ended the career of many of his rivals has dropped over 50 pounds going from 214lbs to 160lbs. I’m happy to see 50 Cent taking his acting […]


A Detroit man, Larry Sherman, was able to shed an incredible 365 pounds over the last four years. His secret? Yoga. The formerly 540-pound Sherman attributes his success to the inclusive, non-judgmental feel of his local Yoga studio, which he says ‘saw him as a person.’ Yoga Shelter co-founder Eric Paskel attributes Sherman’s weight loss […]

Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Hudson, showed off her new slimmed-down figure as she arrived to ‘Good Morning America.’ She was just revealed as the new face of Weight Watchers as she has lost weight for an upcoming movie role. It is thought that Jennifer Hudson may have lost up to 60 lbs. since giving birth to […]

Our favorite Girl Next Door and Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson went shopping this past Thursday at a Los Angeles-area Target. Check out Kendra in a tight white dress picking up some Easter wares and clothing for her adorable son Hank Baskett IV. You would never know she recently gave brith as most of her weight […]

Super model Heidi Klum was in Beverly Hills with her model friends, looking better than a million dollars delivered to your doorstep by a plumber with a beer belly. Heidi stopped for pizza in between filming and finishing her work for the day.  According to GC, Heidi is spilling the beans about how she lost […]