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The Democratic Republic of the Congo remains in unrest due to protests over President Joseph Kabila and his efforts to prolong his presidency. A total of 42 people have been killed during the protests. Ten of the casualties were police officers. Many people believe Kabila is delaying the country’s census to continue his rule. Find out more here. […]

A search party has found the tail of AirAsia’s crashed jet, with hopes that the black box flight recorders are close by. The tail was discovered by divers using an underwater sonar scan machine. The machine also helped divers find more debris and an additional 40 bodies from the flight that crashed in the Java Sea […]

  Rescue teams searching for wreckage and victims of AirAsia Flight 8501 recovered 21 bodies Friday in what appears to be the most productive search day since the flight disappeared off the coast of Borneo last week. The bodies, recovered mostly by a U.S. Navy ship, bring the number of corpses pulled from the sea to 30. […]

Findings from Indonesian officials show passengers were aware that AirAsia flight QZ8501 was going down, as some victims were recovered holding hands and wearing life jackets. More bodies have been pulled from the Indonesian coast of Borneo Island, including a woman, a boy, and three people who were holding hands. Basarnas representatives confirmed that an additional four bodies […]

Following the disappearance of an AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore, an Indonesian official announced that objects have been spotted in the sea by an Australian search plane in the hunt for the missing jet. The official did not confirm if the objects belonged to the missing flight. From the Associated Press: Jakarta’s Air Force […]