Twitter user @katvondawn wants you to know it is not OK to refer to the people of Alaska as “Eskimos.” If you didn’t know, the term is a slur, native Alaskan tribes are offended by it, and you should be offended by it too. Here’s why: Are you guilty of using the slur? After reading this, […]

Facing 24 years, she's probably missing her old job right about now.

A woman who left her 5-hour-old son in a Queens church nativity scene will not be charged, and more.

This woman is the true definition of a ride-or-die. 28-year-old Amber Watford was apprehended after stealing an Alaskan state trooper patrol car, in which her husband was cuffed. Complex reports: Amber jumped into action after Joshua was arrested for failure to attend court-ordered classes following a DUI conviction. The Associated Press reports that after he was placed […]

An Alaskan police officer is under investigation after he allegedly shocked an 11-year-old boy with either a taser or stun gun. According to Reuters, the boy reportedly asked the public safety officer about the device, and was shocked on possibly the arm or wrist after his mother revealed to a newspaper that he had asked […]

For Alaskan senator Pete Kelly, birth control isn’t the best form of contraceptive, but taking a pregnancy test in a bar is a great idea. According to Jezebel, during a Senate meeting on Monday, Kelly claimed that in an effort to reduce fetal alcohol syndrome, the state should place pregnancy tests in bars so women could tell when they […]