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A woman who left her 5-hour-old son in a Queens church nativity scene will not be charged. A surveillance video shows the unidentified mother carrying the infant just moments before dropping him off at the church. Police say the mother felt the baby would be safe and warm under the manger. [CBS New York]

An Alaska man is being charged with four counts of first-degree sexual assault after physically and sexually abusing a woman while holding her hostage for over a month. The 37-year-old man took her to his property, where he raped her two to six times a day. After messaging a friend on Facebook, the woman was rescued. [Newsminer]

Four people, who were arrested in connection to a shooting that happened during a Black Lives Matter protest outside of a Minneapolis police station, have been identified. Police say the suspects are all Caucasian and are currently being held in jail, but have not been charged. Read more here. [NY Times]

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is beginning to get concerned that cases of Chagas disease, a rare parasitic infection, are increasing. Cases have already been reported in Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, Arkansas, and Massachusetts. The infection is usually spread through a bite from the triatomine insect. [ABC News]


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