In case you missed last night's major fashion event, we compiled a gallery of some of our favorite looks. Some of the industry's biggest names were in attendance, who successfully honored the American theme, and served up a look that fans are still talking about. 

Celebrity Black jeweler Gina White is taking the jewelry industry by storm. We spoke with her about her challenges and journey breaking into the business, exploring the African Diaspora as a Black American and her upcoming projects. Check out this exclusive Q&A with jeweler and entrepreneur Gina White below.

Woman Negotiates $10,000 Voucher From American Airlines A Washington D.C. woman was on her way to Texas  Thursday morning when airline staff starting asking passengers to volunteer their seats on the overbooked flight. Naturally no one did, so the airline told Allison Preiss  that she had to forfeit her seat, since she had paid the […]

We’re not in the business of judging folks for who they support, but it is pretty weird to stan for someone who literally likes no one.  However, that didn’t stop these Trump loving women from making a song about their beloved Cheetoh, er, President.   But is he really “mighty” though? Even some of his […]

Kanye West just learned a valuable lesson about America: when people show you who they are, believe them.

Ever since Scarlett Johansson was cast as the lead in Ghost In the Shell, fans have been less than happy.

More information continues to surface in the Ashley Madison hacking case. The hackers have revealed that they have naked photos and explicit conversations, aside from the 300 GB of information they’ve already stolen. They do, however, mention that they won’t expose the photos. Read more here. [Daily Mail] A Philadelphia police officer was stripped of […]

The 4th of July is today, and as proud Americans we are all getting ready for all the festivities to come. The barbecues, fireworks and beach visits will all be in our favor on our country’s Independence Day. As we prepare for the weather to get even warmer and the beaches to get more beautiful, we all […]