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More information continues to surface in the Ashley Madison hacking case. The hackers have revealed that they have naked photos and explicit conversations, aside from the 300 GB of information they’ve already stolen. They do, however, mention that they won’t expose the photos. Read more here. [Daily Mail]

A Philadelphia police officer was stripped of his service weapon and demoted to desk duty, after footage of him pressuring a motorist to donate to an event, surfaced on the web. The officer gave the driver a choice between purchasing tickets to a police/firefighter fundraiser and having his car towed. He’s also seen using homophobic slurs. [Huffington Post]

Another video has surfaced in the Planned Parenthood scandal. It shows StemExpress employees reselling aborted babies that they purchased from the non-profit organization. Read more here. [Life News]

While on board a high-speed train to Paris, three Americans helped put an end to a potentially fatal attack. The men immediately rushed to the back of the train where a guy, armed with an automatic weapon and knife, was attacking passengers. Two of the heroes were critically injured. [ABC News]


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