Breaking news has just been reported that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment at 4:05 p.m. today. In light of this horrible tragedy, GlobalGrind has put together five songs from the soul singer that we can not live without. PHOTOS: Amy Winehouse And Hip-Hop Amy is best known for her hit song, “Rehab” from […]

Amy Winehouse’s first love was music.  With every love, comes love affairs. One love affair Amy couldn’t deny was her love of hip-hop and hip-hop’s love for her.  PHOTOS: Amy Winehouse Is DEAD! It might have been her soulful vocals or her musical genius, but Amy and hip-hop had something going on behind the scenes. […]

Amy Winehouse sadly passed away just hours ago. So far, there is little detail on the tragic incident, but what we do know is that Amy is not the first musician to ever tragically die at 27. In fact, Amy joins a group of possibly the most famous names ever in music that died far too […]


  Every day there are tons of music related tidbits that float around the internet, but how is one to know what’s good, what’s worth listening to and what everyone will be talking about tomorrow? Well, you’re in luck, because GlobalGrind has rounded up some of the coolest, most buzz-worthy musical information of the day […]

Amy Winehouse has been in and out of the spotlight for the past few years and it hasn’t always for the most positive reasons. Yesterday she performed in Belgrade, Serbia where she was booed and jeered as she stumbled onto the stage, mumbled through her songs and wandered off. Serbian media described the concert late […]

If you haven’t noticed already, we’re really concerned with Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt’s disappearing act, so much so that we, like some other outlets, are trying to uncover the mystery and find him. The 17-year-old Los Angeles-bred rapper has been MIA since the release of his solo effort “EARL,” which dropped March of last year. […]

Gabriel Aubry is really setting his priorities straight as he puts his modeling career on hold to relocate to New York to be with his daughter, Nahla. He will spend time with Nahla during Halle Berry‘s filming of ‘New Year’s Eve.’ Gabriel Aubry, who usually lives in Los Angeles, dropped his work commitments to rent […]