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<p>Make sure your not in a bad mood when you bump this shit. Tear the club up music. Off their new mixtape The Breakfast Club Vol. 1. Produced by Ovadose(Of Moodswing Production).</p><p>&copy; 2009 The Hip-Hop Chronicles</p>

<p>Charlotte North Carolina has been an un-tapped market when it comes to hip-hop. Sure they?ve had their success in the R&amp;B field with acts like Jodeci, Anthony Hamilton and Sunshine Anderson but when it comes to hip-hop the conversation goes dead.</p><p>Hoping to bring the conversation back-up is Charlotte native Maui. The lead artist of Go […]

<p>Tariq Aziz lawyer Badie Aref has confirmed the news and has added that Tariq Aziz condition is quite serious, Tariq Aziz surrendered to the US Army in April 2003.</p>

<p><span style="font-family: Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; white-space: pre;">Beware of flu, keep in touch with your doctor regularly. Flue is a seasonal infection and everyone is obligatory caught by this infection once in the year</span></p>

<p>Finalists at the end of Thursday’s wild card round, Simon Cowell announced that the much-loved 22-year-old college student from<a href="; title="Chapel Hill’s Anoop Desai is winners of American Idol wild card Round"> Chapel Hill</a>, NC, ANOOP DESAI AMERICANDOL, Anoop Desai Gets One More Shot at Idol Top 12, American Idol – Wild Card Results And […]

Elizabeth Edwards plays it coy on the subject of a pre-primary endoresment from either her or her husband.