Today is the 60th Anniversary of the bikini. We guess it all depends on who you ask because some people are saying the two piece garment has been around since Antiquity, appearing on Roman pottery depicting games.  The modern bikini, however, made its debut after World War II and was invented by two French guys, […]


Allen ‘Prince’ Brown is probably the most pimping pimp ever to walk the planet, thank goodness he is going to jail. The Jersey City native was sentenced on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 for leading a prostitution ring built on human trafficking, sex slavery and illegal drug use, state officials said. Although his hair might be […]

Kim Kardashian spent the morning shedding tears while chatting with her sister Kourtney before hitting the streets with her girlfriends for a night of fun. Kim then sent a twitpic using the term Big Pimpin with her girlfriends, Lala, Kelly Rowland, and Serena. Maybe this tweet was her way of getting over her heartbreak from […]


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