Let’s face it. Detroit Michigan is grimy, real grimy. It’s one of those places you don’t want to get lost in. It’s a pit, both ugly and beautiful. Marauders live here, set to test the manhood of the toughest of cats. It’s a “better move dog, we’ll blow your roof off” kind of city. What […]

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<p>Alja Jackson A.K.A Jesse Jane was born &amp; raised in Jacksonville,FL also known as DUUUUUVALLL!!!. Has Been in this music game for more then 5 years now.She is known for going against the norm,using guerilla tactics &amp; strategies with a new sense of style &amp; flair,with her ecletic musical taste.Alja had this idea of creating […]


  Sometimes I wish I were around during the days of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. People who’ve stood up for their rights and challenged “authority” with their minds and unwavering actions inspire me. So where are we today as individuals? I don’t mean looking for the next leader but looking for the […]