The Daily Grind Video


Sometimes I wish I were around during the days of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. People who’ve stood up for their rights and challenged “authority” with their minds and unwavering actions inspire me.
So where are we today as individuals? I don’t mean looking for the next leader but looking for the leader inside of you!
Some people think the media is a ‘thing’. The media is you! We, every ethnicity and religion, make or break the media. The media is our lives, our business, and our actions being shared with each other. Well if this is true, how come we let the media abuse ourselves??
How come the media has not lived up to their standards??
How many public apologies, settlements, and amended corporate laws have we accepted??
Part of the problem is some people are afraid to speak up or take action. They’re afraid that their voice doesn’t matter. They don’t join the fight until the fight is finished. Before you say anything…. I was once one of those individuals myself, so I’m not casting out any stones anywhere.
I’m sure at one point a newspaper or website has failed us in some sort of manner whether it was through racism, poor policy or just bad business in general.
The moment I stopped viewing websites or buying newspapers I realized I had power!! Less readership or views means less advertising dollars, which could mean less or no more business.
I’m not saying to stop supporting everyone but stop supporting the ones who blatantly have no regard for you or them.  There are too many media outlets abusing their power at this moment…but we can end that.
We can stop the media lies and propaganda with one less click. Instead of feeding into the nonsense, let’s put the computer mouse down and stop supporting anyone abusing us.
You’ll be very surprised with the results.
Again, this is opinion, not law. Keep Grinding!

Rasheed A. Young