Kendra Wilkinson was spotted leaving a hotel in Miami, Florida Tuesday morning, August 24. The former star of ‘The Girls Next Door‘ was seen leaving the hotel without any makeup on, not like she needs it. Kendra Wilkinson was rocking the comfy cute look, oversized white t-shirt, sweatpants, flip-flops and a messy bun as she […]


es at his show, including “Baby”, for a swarm of excited fans. Wearing a white denim jacket with matching pants and a purple hoodie beneath, Justin danced around the stage, smiling at the audience who sang along faithfully. He must have crazy confidence to be able to perform for huge crowds at such a young […]

<p>Coffee lovers rejoice! Now you can buy coffee at an even lesser price owing to great discounts that come with <strong>Coffee for Less coupon codes</strong>. Now you can enjoy that cuppa even more. It has become a habit for many people to grab a cup of coffee to start the day. Some people love to […]


  Sometimes I wish I were around during the days of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. People who’ve stood up for their rights and challenged “authority” with their minds and unwavering actions inspire me. So where are we today as individuals? I don’t mean looking for the next leader but looking for the […]