We created a gallery of some of our favorite Black celebrities with luscious beards. Check out their photos inside.

Just as makeup does for some women — beards have the ability to transform men into totally different people. Most women feel that the thicker and more groomed the facial hair, the more attractive and manly you are. However, there are some who feel that a clean face is the way to go.  At the […]

The world’s been waiting for the truth about V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling‘s relationship. Could this be it? According to a new lawsuit filed by V., the former Los Angeles Clippers owner is gay and his wife Shelly was not only aware of her husband’s sexual orientation, she played a part in helping him hide […]

Oh, Porsha! As we all know Porsha Stewart and her ex-husband Kordell have been fighting ever since their very public divorce, with old rumors concerning Kordell’s sexuality resurfacing. Well, Porsha didn’t help any when she implied she got with her ex for publicity during Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. We’re not the only […]

The internet was buzzing today after Spike Lee went on a 7-minute teaching spree about gentrification in New York City, but it seems like these “motherfucking hipsters,” as he called them, are bringing another trend to the forefront: Beard implants. According to DNA info, New York City doctors who specialize in the procedure said they’re seeing a […]