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Just as makeup does for some women — beards have the ability to transform men into totally different people. Most women feel that the thicker and more groomed the facial hair, the more attractive and manly you are. However, there are some who feel that a clean face is the way to go.  At the end of the day, facial hair is a subjective thing, but are men with beards more desirable?


According to the New York Times:

Barnaby Dixson, a human behavioral ecologist at the University of Queensland and a co-author of the beard length study, research has also found that facial hair is associated with some antisocial traits, such as aggression and social dominance. While these traits might not be pleasant if you’re looking for a fun fling, they might be alluring if you want an alpha male to support your family and fend off predators. It’s not just women who prefer bearded alpha males — men also prefer men with facial hair. Dr. Dixson and colleagues asked 1,577 men and women from Brazil and the Czech Republic about facial hair. Compared to heterosexual women, gay men had stronger preferences for men with more facial hair.

Usually, we honor the beard-toters during No Shave November. But today is National No Beard Day, and guys often celebrate by shaving their beloved beard and starting from scratch.That made us think of some of our favorite beards in Hollywood and if we prefer the men with or without the facial hair?

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