Will struggles on his new basketball team but is nominated for the Bel-Air Academy Founder's Award. Click inside to read a full recap of this week's episode!

After talking about walking out and protesting, it's finally time for Will and Carlton to put up or shut up. What will they do? Click inside to read a full recap of this week's episode.

Will alienates himself from the Bel-Air basketball team and finds appealing opportunities in love and basketball with the help of some new South LA friends.

On Thursday's new episode of 'Bel-Air,' Lisa pulls Carlton aside to talk him into applying for the Founder's Award.

After finding out the truth about his father, Will is at a crossroads. It's also Ashley's 13th birthday. Click inside to read a full recap of Bel-Air's season 2 premiere!

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Peacock announced that it's record breaking drama series would be returning in February of next year. Along with the announcement, we got a teaser trailer. Check it out inside!

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Peacock's hit drama series Bel-Air reached its Season 1 finale last week, and the discourse continues. Jabari Banks reveals something most fans didn't know about the scene with Will and his estranged father Lou, played by Marlon Wayans. Read more inside.

In the season finale, Will makes a discovery that changes everything that he has ever felt like he has known about his family and more importantly, himself.


The new Hilary Banks is showing that she is just as gifted on the screen as she is on a track with her new single "Caliber" that released today.