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The Bel-Air actress released a new song today as part of Amazon's "Credit the Culture" series. Click inside to listen!

After a wildly successful first season, it was announced that Peacock's 'Bel-Air' broke all of the platforms records for streaming. Read inside to learn more.

Peacock's hit drama series Bel-Air reached its Season 1 finale last week, and the discourse continues. Jabari Banks reveals something most fans didn't know about the scene with Will and his estranged father Lou, played by Marlon Wayans. Read more inside.

In the season finale, Will makes a discovery that changes everything that he has ever felt like he has known about his family and more importantly, himself.


The new Hilary Banks is showing that she is just as gifted on the screen as she is on a track with her new single "Caliber" that released today.

In this week's episode of Peacock's "Bel Air," the Banks family deals with the aftermath of some of their past decisions and have to make some new decisions that will impact their future. Ahead of the season finale, read our episode 9 recap inside.

It's Will's 17th birthday and his mother in town. With her comes a secret about his father and their past that could potentially change Will's relationships with her, Vivian and Phil.

Bel-Air is full of surprises. The entire cast has been brilliantly performing in Peacock's latest drama series, and some fans recently discovered they also have the musical range. Watch the videos inside.

In this week's episode, Will and Lisa struggle with how to tell Carlton about their relationship, Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv backtrack to get to the root of some issues and Hilary has to choose between her morals and fame and fortune.

The nostalgic Disney musical family film joined actors Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones and Trevor Jackson. The group of talented actors have continued to "Let It Shine" in their respective roles in more recent trending shows. Check out a special throwback of this gifted trio inside.

The sixth episode of Peacock's "Bel Air" was released Thursday. The episode picks up from Will's decision to stay in Los Angeles instead of going back to Philadelphia. Read our recap inside.

Tray, Will's best friend from Philly comes to visit him in Los Angeles. Things seem to be going good until Tray and Will start to disagree on what Will's next move should be.