Any fan of hip-hop music from the ’90s (or today) knows and appreciated the late great Christopher Wallace. Also known as the Notorious B.I.G., his music will be loved for years to come. Unfortunately he was taken from us on this day 15 years ago and his fans, old and new, miss him terribly. So […]

Ever wonder what it would be like if Biggie and Tupac were still alive?If you’re a true hip-hop fan, you’ve probably thought about Biggie and Tupac a thousand times.DJ Rob Dinero and O’Neal McKnight are attempting to bring Biggie and Tupac back to life with their new concept mashup album Watching Over The Throne.  DJ […]

In a recent interview with, Odd Future front man Tyler, the Creator claims he’ll be dead by the time he reaches his 40th birthday. The charismatic Odd Future leader is known for saying odd and outlandish sh*t, but he won’t be the first musician to predict his own death. Tyler revealed in the interview […]

It’s Twitpic time! Twitter is constantly abuzz with celeb chatter and today is no different. Lots of people doing lots of things and visiting lots of places, resulting in what? You guessed it lots of twitpics. Amber Rose got picture happy with super model Elle Mcpherson at London Fashion week. While George Lopez had some […]

Earlier this week I talked to our home girl Aubrey O’Day. Once the bad girl of Diddy’s Making The Band Show, she will now be the starring in her own reality show on The Oxygen Network. According to MTV an executive at Oxygen said that the show will likely resonate with fans who’ve watched O’Day’s career […]

Aubrey O’Day has been spending a lot of time on twitter, showing the world her pink puppies, and sending out 4 year old footage of her time with the successful singing group Danity Kane. Aubrey might be a little bit heartbroken after her Celtics lost in the NBA Finals but it’s nothing a little time […]

Dear Global Grind,   I am so sad an opinion has become so misconstrued. If you would like to know my opinion in it’s entirety, here you go:   “Murderers and dictators generally are some of the smartest people out there – they just use their brain power for evil purposes. I don’t condone any […]

Do I have a new butt?  No.  Do I have a new respect for keeping a thick booty looking right?  Yes.  I’ve been many sizes throughout my transition from girl to woman……and I must say I have a new respect for women with curves, it can be a much harder social judgment, self appreciation, and […]

  You know I’ve kept my MySpace intact (even through all the ‘why aren’t you on Facebook? It’s SO much better’ antics from my friends) because it makes for great web pr. But tonight marks the end of just public pr folks; tonight brings my heart to the table.  All this from an episode of […]