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A billboard in Atlanta is causing some heads to turns on a morning commute to work. A number of signs down I-285, including one off of Redwine Road and another near Conley Road, display big white words reading “BLACK PEOPLE ARE BEING PUSHED OUT OF ATLANTA”. The signs are linked to a documentary called Gentrified produced by […]

Bruno Mars is known for having his music touch people from all over the world, but that hasn't pulled him away from his roots.

The reality star and Trump campaign's director of African-American outreach said she wants African-Americans to “educate” White folks.

Although David Banner was anti-Donald Trump throughout the duration of this year's election, the producer has had a sudden change of heart.

The Chicago rapper appeared on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore to discuss Jesse Williams' BET Awards speech and the backlash surrounding Justin Timberlake's Twitter support.

The video, which features Black BuzzFeed employees presenting questions that seem to perpetuate sweeping generalizations and inaccurate stereotypes, starts off satirical, but ends up looking like a bunch of people confused about the role racism plays in most of the questions, putting the onus on Black people -- not systemic oppression -- to answer.

Where do the most racists live in America? If you’re a person of color, you might say, (clearing throat loudly), everywhere. But a new study shows that most racists tend to congregate in the rural Northeast and South, with a heavy concentration along the spine of the Appalachians running from Georgia up to New York and southern Vermont, […]

Bravo has kept mum about the new additions to the upcoming season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but this photo above of all seven original cast members confirms that all members are indeed back. New housewife and actress Demetria McKinney shared the photo above, posing with the ladies of RHOA while celebrating her birthday in […]

“Is Lotion A Black Thing?”  When we first read the title above on Twitter, we thought it was a joke, but we quickly found out the correlation between lotion and blackness was being explained on The Root. Apparently, a viewer wrote into the Culture Editor, Jenee Desmond-Harris, asking if “white people get ashy?” and why white […]

It’s that time of year again, yup, it’s Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and spending time with your family, but as we all know, family can…how do we say this? Get on your damn nerves. In every black American household, there are so many characters that show up for the soul food feast and […]