Donald Glover shook up the world with the release of his new video “This Is America” the symbolism, the movements and message. It also sparked a debate on if you could be “woke” if you date outside your race. In the film Solo: A Star Wars Story, Donald’s character Lando Calrissian has a very interesting […]

Foxy Brown had a show in Philadelphia over the weekend and things didn’t go as planned— literally. The rap legend was scheduled to perform at Philly’s Black LGBTQ Pride festivities, but sources say that Foxy arrived three hours late and didn’t perform. Fans were so furious that the Brooklyn emcee didn’t take the stage that […]

Parris takes to Instagram often to express the anger, sadness, and pride that resonates within the community.

Sixteen female West Point cadets, who took a photo with their arms raised in Black Power fists, did not violate a directive that warns against “partisan political activity” while in uniform

A Tennessee police officer is blaming Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime performance for a drive-by shooting that occurred outside of his home.

The backlash against Beyonce's new single "Formation" has hit a new high as critics plan to take their distaste for the Black pride track to the streets.